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What All Great Leaders Do (And Now It’s Your Turn)

Imagine a house outside of space and time. I picture a nice three-story Victorian house— burnt red with white trim. The front door is yellow. And it has one of those spires, as every imaginary Victorian house should have.

In the parlor, Johann Sebastian Bach is sitting at the piano, not playing anything. Just sitting there. Just like he always does. Over lunch he talked of his love for music and his almost mathematical fascination with bringing melodies and counter-melodies together. Yet here he’s sitting silently, so afraid of the notes that he might play that his fingers never touch the keys.

In one of the upstairs bedrooms, Leonardo Da Vinci has locked himself in a closet. He’s painting in there— we think. But we’re not totally sure. Whatever he’s doing, he’s doing in secret. No one sees it. Ever. All we know is there’s a door and he goes behind it for a while, and then comes out. Sometimes he talks about it. He makes vague references to techniques and theories that he’s developing. But we’ll never know what they are.

Martin Luther King Jr. sits at the kitchen table, pen in hand, writing a speech or sermon that no one will ever hear. He’s been spending his time sitting there every day, writing. And every time you ask him what he’s up to, he simply shrugs and says, “Oh nothing.” He’s not interested in sharing his work.

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One Idea That Can Change Your Work and Life

Five or so years ago my wife and I moved from Chicago to Seattle. We had lived in a three bedroom house with a basement and garage. We didn’t know where we were going to live once we arrived in Seattle. We ended up in a one bedroom apartment— with way more stuff than could fit in it.

We had to make choices, that were difficult at the time, about what stays and what goes. We got rid of things that I was attached to. It was hard, but a house can only fit so much stuff and still be livable.

Your life is a lot like a house. You can only have so much in it. I’ve been learning this lately as I’ve had to make hard decisions about what to do and how to do it. A lot has slipped through the cracks as I’ve bumped up against the limits of my capacity.

I’ve had to learn to let some things go.

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You Always Have Other Options

- - Possibility

I felt like I had no choice, I had to go home defeated. I had worked hard all day in order to create the space for a spin class that evening. I closed the computer and ran out the door in a hurry to make it on time. Minutes later I was in the locker room looking into my bag and realizing that in my rush I had forgotten my shorts. I was wearing jeans, which wouldn’t blend well with lots of sweat and a stationary bike. My instinct was to go home, defeated, disappointed, and frustrated with myself for not being prepared and leaving in too much of a rush.

I had looked forward to this class all day, but it seemed like I would be going home defeated. I really didn’t want to give up. I really wanted to stay. Was I really as much without choice as I felt?

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Enjoy The Process

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I opened the computer to begin writing and felt a twinge of dread. I had been in a rough place emotionally. I had been giving too much thought to all the things that didn’t feel like they were working out. I was feeling discouraged. Writing had been more difficult. I didn’t feel like I had much to give.

Stacia sat down across from me and said excitedly, “We haven’t had a morning like this in a while! I’ll get my book and we can just sit together!” I felt things shift in me immediately when I heard the tone in her voice.
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