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Your Life’s Work is a Work in Progress (and What that Means for What You Do Next)

In 2001 Michael Hyatt wrote a book about the importance of internet privacy. The book talks about how marketers, spammers, government agencies, and hackers can use your information against you. Much has changed since 2001, but what has changed most is Michael Hyatt.

Today he’s one of the most successful bloggers around. He’s even written about the importance of writing and how blogging has changed his life and his career.

He’s said himself that he wouldn’t write the book today— not that the content isn’t helpful, but that his view of the internet has changed.  Privacy is not as important to him as it once was. Now he writes to connect and share with people— something he wasn’t doing in 2001.

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Remember to Enjoy It

I rode my bike for 40 minutes from my home to my co-working space today. I pulled a trailer with Lina, my trusty side-kick— now in a three legged version. I’m a bit crazy, I suppose, hauling all of my stuff plus a heavy trailer on my (already heavy) 1979 Schwinn.

It’s a slow commute. And that’s just the riding part. It also takes me a long time to get loaded up.

It all takes a long time, all of this.

By the time I opened my computer and started typing this, it was past 10 am. What a late start! How frustrating! I have a long to do list that I know I won’t even complete this week.

What a waste.

Or, maybe it’s not a waste.

I get so caught up in getting things done and accomplished. I have so much hope for my work and what I’m creating with the Meaning Movement, and yet is it really worth it if I can’t take the time to ride my bike and hang out with my dog?

I tend to focus so much on the destination that I forget how important the journey is. Shouldn’t this be fun? Can I let this be fun? I mean really, who says that it’s more important to spend extra time writing than it is to spend extra time biking?
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Does Career Planning Work?

“He said, ‘You can’t plan it all out, you know. You just have to do what comes next. You can’t plan your career.'”

One of my clients was sharing about a conversation she had with a man who has been very successful in the field she’s pursuing.

This client and I had worked hard together. We had explored her stories and found these themes repeated again and again. It was as if her life was saying, “This. This. Do this!” and she had finally been able to embrace it.

Having found what she wants to do and why she wants to do it, she was strategizing where to start and how she’d go about it.

“What do you think about that?” She asked me. “It seemed like he almost disagreed with what we are doing. How would you respond to that?!?”
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How to Avoid Getting Stuck in Life

Did you know that people tend to walk in circles? It’s true. Studies show that if you’re blindfolded or lost in the woods you’re likely to go in circles.

This is one reason why you should stop walking when you realize that you’re lost. You’re just expending energy and may not be getting anywhere.

Jan Souman, a behavioral psychologist, performed a study to test this.  He asked people to walk as straight as possible for a few hours— some in a forest, others in a desert, and still others performed the test blindfolded.   He said,  “Just walking in a straight line seems like such a simple and natural thing to do, but if you think about it, it’s quite a complicated thing going on in the brain.”
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Finding Purpose in Life: The Long Guide to Finding Your Life’s Work

It was an earnest request: “I’d like to know how to find your vocation.”

We were sitting in one of Seattle’s finest coffee establishments. It was a sunny May morning— the best kind of day that you could hope for.

And I suddenly found myself unsure of where to start.

This is what I do! This is how I love to help people, but to answer the question so directly is challenging!

This is because the answer is usually pretty nuanced. It has to address who you, where you are, what you’re looking for in that question, and how you think of yourself, work, and life.

Here’s the trick about it: finding purpose in life is both beautifully simple and as complex as every person.

Finding your calling, vocation, and life’s work are about finding your identity. It’s about living into a deeper expression of who you are as a human.

As I expressed in the Meaning Manifesto, you were made to make something. If there’s one message for you to take away from that, it’s that you have something to say. So the question of finding your life’s work in essence is the question: “What do you want to say?”

And by say, I don’t mean actually say with words (though it could mean that), I mean create. Basically, what’s the impact you want to have on the world around you?

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